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                CADA Brand Dealers Association is the voluntary composition of the brand authorized and non-profitable organization of automobile dealers, committed to building a communication platform between manufacturers and their authorized dealers, to promote the communication and exchange between dealers and manufacturers. The purpose of the work of Brand Dealers Association: building and maintaining a compliance and efficient communication platform between dealers and manufacturers, between dealers and the relevant government departments, to achieve a win-win situation for manufacturers and dealers, and then promote the long-term development of the brand business in Chinese.


                 品牌联会会员◥已由创始初期的400余个发展到2000余个,现已成立奔驰经销商联①会、进口大众澳门皇冠官网经销商联会 、保时捷经销商联】会、宝马经销○商联会,奥迪经〗销商联会、捷豹路¤虎经销商联会等。目前还在@ 筹备的有英菲尼迪经销商联会。

                The number of the members is increasing from initial period of more than 400 to more than 2000.The Mercedes Benz Dealer Association,the Import Volkswagen Dealer Association, the Porsche Dealer Association, the BMW Dealer Association, the Jaguar Land Rover Dealer Association and the Audi Dealer Association, have been established。It is still in the preparation of the Infiniti Dealer Association.



                CADA Brand Dealers Association Secretariat  institution:The secretariat is responsible for daily work of the Brand Dealers Association, which is led by the Secretary-General. The working group set up sales team contacts, after sales team contacts, network development team contacts and market team contacts, administrative staff and financial commissioner.



                CADA Brand Dealers Association Secretariat Responsibilities

                1、    筹备并成立品牌经销商联会。

                   Propagating and establishing the brand dealers association

                2、    会员招募,制定会员发展计划。

                Recruiting new members, and drawing up the member development plan

                3、      按例会制度定期召开会议。

                Organizing meetings regularly according to articles of association

                4、      推进“经销商信心指数调研”工作。

                Pushing on the “Dealers Confidence Index Investigation”

                5、      定期向会员单位发布行业数据和相关报告。

                Regularly publishing the auto dealers industry data and related reports to the members

                6、      走访会员单位、持续为会员单位提供服务。

                Visiting members and continuing to provide services for the members

                7、      组织会员单位交流活动。

                Organizing various activities for the members’ communication

                8、      联会工作简报编辑及发送。

                Editing and sending the work briefing of association

                9、      其他相关工作。

                Other related work